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The Icahn 7 Experience

Principal's Message


 It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another school year. The 2016--2017 school year promises to be filled with positive changes and growth for our school as we have not only added a new grade, 5th grade, but we have also strengthened our commitment to providing the best quality education for your children. It is my hope that as you navigate through this site that you will get a glimpse into our life here at Icahn Charter 7. Our faculty and staff look forward to working closely with you as we plan a memorable and exciting school year for your children.

Our Mission


The mission of Icahn Charter Schools is to use the Core Knowledge curriculum, developed by E.D. Hirsch, to provide students with a rigorous academic program offered in an extended day/year setting. Students will graduate armed with the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the most rigorous academic environments, and will have a sense of personal and community responsibility.

Monthly Syllabus


The monthly syllabus provides parents an opportunity to become familiar with the skills and strategies that will be taught to their children each month in school. Please look for a hard copy of the syllabus to appear in your child's Boomerang folder each month.

  December Syllabus.pdf 


 February Syllabus.pdf  


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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

ARRIVAL...In the morning, all students will enter the school via the main entrance on Boynton. Upon entering, students will walk to the cafeteria where they will have an opportunity  to eat breakfast from 7:45-8:25am. Classroom teachers will escort children to their classrooms from the cafeteria each morning. Icahn staff members are also on hand in the entryway, hall and cafeteria during arrival and breakfast. Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 am.

DISMISSAL...During a regular dismissal, all children not taking the school bus, will be dismissed by the school gates on Story Avenue. Students who ride the school bus will be escorted to the bus by their monitor. The bus picks up and drops off children on Boynton Avenue in front of the school entrance.  


100 Book Challenge Reading Program


The 100 Book Challenge program is a systematic independent reading program that allows each student an opportunity to read at his or her independent reading level. Each day a student is encouraged to spend 30 minutes reading at school and 30 minutes at home to increase reading stamina and comprehension. Students track the amount of reading they complete on logsheets that are signed by parents and are reviewed daily by their teacher.  Special prizes and school-wide celebrations are given throughout the year to commemorate the students' reading achievements.



Progress Reports/ Parent Teacher Conferences


Progress Reports are distributed to parents six times each school year. There are also two scheduled parent teacher conferences for the year.  

April 3, 2017-- Progress Report # 4