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Our Mission


The mission of Icahn Charter Schools is to use the Core Knowledge curriculum, developed by E.D. Hirsch, to provide students with a rigorous academic program offered in an extended day/year setting. Students will graduate armed with the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the most rigorous academic environments, and will have a sense of personal and community responsibility.

Icahn Charter School 7

Welcome to Icahn Charter School 7's Middle School

1695 Seward Avenue

Bronx NY 10473


Middle School Important Procedures

Arrival Procedures:

Students will arrive each morning through the main entrance on 1695 Seward Avenue. Students will use the cafeteria as the primary means to gain access to their classrooms.  Icahn 7 classrooms are located on the second and third floors. Our fifth and sixth grade classrooms are on the second floor and our seventh grade classrooms and programs are on the third floor. Students will use Stair Case A that is located in the cafeteria to walk up to their respective classrooms (please see below).

Class 501—Ms. Pappas, Room 221

Class 502—Ms. Taylor, Room 223

Class 601—Ms. Duhaney-Alcock, Room 227A/B

Class 601—Ms.Ricci, Room 225A/B

Class 701—Ms. Hernandez, Room 325 A/B

Class 702—Ms. Martin, Room 327


School begins each morning at 8:30am. If your child is participating in our breakfast program, breakfast begins at 7:45am. Please do not bring your child before 7:45am as they will not be supervised by any of our Icahn 7 staff. Breakfast ends promptly at 8:25am.


Students will have lunch from 1:20 pm—2:10 pm each day. Due to the late lunch period, students will be given a snack break each day around 11am. If you are able to, please send a healthy snack with your child to eat during this time.

Dismissal Procedures:

Student dismissal is at 3:45 pm each day unless they are in an after-school program or activity. Below describes the procedures for our bus and pick-up students.

LuAnn Adams: Award Winning Storyteller working with our K-2 grade students!


      LuAnn Adams is an award-winning storyteller, recording artist, actor and author. She tells stories for children and adults at schools, theaters, libraries, museums and zoos. Each storytelling performance inspires young people to discover their courage, explore the healing power of dialogue for creating choices and embrace their hope filled dreams for a peaceful word. 



  • Parent Technology Meeting

    Please join us for a Parent Technology Meeting on Wednesday, October 16 from 4:30--5:30.

    Icahn Charter School 7
  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    Icahn 7 will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

    Icahn Charter School 7
  • Anti-Bullying Awareness Month Celebration

    Students wear orange in honor of Anti-Bullying Awareness Month Celebration.

    Icahn Charter School 7
  • SHSAT Test Grade 8

    Icahn Charter School 7
  • Character Parade (Elementary Building)

    Icahn Charter School 7
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

ARRIVAL...In the morning, all students will enter the school via the main entrance on Boynton. Upon entering, students will walk to the cafeteria where they will have an opportunity  to eat breakfast from 7:45-8:25am. Classroom teachers will escort children to their classrooms from the cafeteria each morning. Icahn staff members are also on hand in the entryway, hall and cafeteria during arrival and breakfast. Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 am.

DISMISSAL...During a regular dismissal, all children not taking the school bus, will be dismissed by the school gates on Story Avenue. Students who ride the school bus will be escorted to the bus by their monitor. The bus picks up and drops off children on Boynton Avenue in front of the school entrance.  


100 Book Challenge Reading Program


The 100 Book Challenge program is a systematic independent reading program that allows each student an opportunity to read at his or her independent reading level. Each day a student is encouraged to spend 30 minutes reading at school and 30 minutes at home to increase reading stamina and comprehension. Students track the amount of reading they complete on log sheets that are signed by parents and are reviewed daily by their teacher.  Special prizes and school-wide celebrations are given throughout the year to commemorate the students' reading achievements.



Progress Reports/ Parent Teacher Conferences


Progress Reports are distributed to parents six times each school year. There are also two scheduled parent teacher conferences for the year.  

Progress Report # 1 : November 4, 2019/ Parent Teacher Conference Day**

Progress Report # 2: December 20, 2019

Progress Report # 3: February 27, 2020/Parent Teacher Conference Day**

Report Card 4: April 7, 2020

Report Card 5: May 29, 2020

Report Card 6: July 2, 2020



Basketball Team


Icahn Charter School 7 Leadership Team

Superintendent: Jeffrey Litt

Deputy Superintendent: Daniel Garcia

Deputy Superintendent: Richard Santiago

Principal: Naudia Bethany

Assistant Principal: Dawn Starks

Staff Developer: Nicole Duhaney-Alcock